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5 Common Personal Injury Mistakes People Make

Jun 15

Personal injuries can in many cases be traumatic, whether they’re minor or life-changing. From car accidents and accidents at work to assault and medical malpractice, several situations can lead to personal injury.

If you’re injured in some way that was no fault of your own, one of the last things you likely want to deal with is not getting compensated for what you deserve. You may still be experiencing physical pain, or you may be struggling through a life-changing injury. No matter the severity of your injuries, however, it’s important that you receive the support you need.

Let’s dive a little deeper into five common mistakes people make when dealing with personal injuries.

1. Not Collecting Easily Attainable Evidence Right Away

As soon as an injury occurs, it’s crucial to collect any evidence that’s easily accessible right away. If you get in a car accident and have the ability to take photos of the scene, make sure you do so before any vehicles are moved. If you’ve been injured by a defective product or due to negligence on someone else’s property, take photos of what caused the injury as well as the injury itself as soon as possible.

Don’t hesitate to file a police report. If you get in a car crash, you may feel like it was so minor that a police report isn’t necessary. However, in many cases, injuries like whiplash may not be apparent until hours or days later.

Additionally, be sure to collect witness statements from anyone who saw the accident take place.

2. Failing to Seek Medical Treatment Immediately

Your adrenaline will likely be pumping after getting in an accident, which may mean you won’t feel the extent of your injuries right away. Whether you feel like you’re in pain or not, it’s important to seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

3. Exaggerating Injuries to Your Doctor

Lying to your doctor about the amount of pain you’re in is never a good idea. Your doctor will likely know that you’re exaggerating your injuries, which can negatively affect your case. Credibility is crucial. Be honest about what’s going on, and you’ll be far more likely to receive the compensation you deserve.

4. Posting on Social Media about Your Case

Whether you’re venting about your experience or posting live videos of drinking cocktails on nights out, neither is a great idea regarding your case. Simply refrain from posting while your case is pending.

5. Not Hiring an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

Dealing directly with insurance companies can be difficult. They’ll likely want you to cooperate completely, giving statements and negotiating settlements without seeking legal counsel first. It can be challenging to stand up for yourself while also suffering from a traumatic injury.

When you hire an experienced personal injury attorney like THE702FIRM Injury Attorneys, you won’t be forced to deal with those challenges. Your experienced lawyers will fight that battle for you and help you receive the compensation you deserve.